• What It Means To Be Italian-American

    It's important to recognize that being Italian American is a dynamic and evolving identity, shaped by both historical experiences and contemporary influences.
  • Beyond Pizza and Pasta: Exploring the Rich Literary Legacy of Italian-American Authors

    Italian-American authors have left an indelible mark on American literature, offering readers a rich tapestry of stories that reflect the complexities of the immigrant experience, cultural identity, and the human condition.
  • Do You Know Your Heritage?

     I was blessed to have parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents that were storytellers and lived with the day-to-day values and traditions they...
  • It Wasn't Always Easy Being Italian in America

    My family and most Italian immigrants persevered and made important contributions to American society. They built strong communities, started businesses, and contributed to the cultural, artistic, and culinary heritage of the United States.
  • Easter Monday or as the Italians call it…Pasquetta.

      As I have written in previous blogs, my family celebrated all holidays with the traditions they brought from the old country. I believe it was j...
  • Family Traditions

    Traditions strengthen families and provide an identity to the next generation. 
  • Christmas Eve to The Epiphany - Italian Traditions

    Cenone della Vigilia, Christmas Eve dinner, or Pranzo di Natale, Christmas lunch? It is here that Italy divides! Christmas Eve dinner in the south ...
  • WHY it ALL Started

    Positional US is being built to honor my parents and other relatives who came to the US from Calabria, Italy and endured hardships, discrimination and made many sacrifices so that future generations of their families could live the “American Dream”.
  • Where It ALL Started -Soveria Mannelli in Calabria ITALY

    On paper, the story of Positional US started just a few years ago, in spirit, well, that is a story that started in the 1920's. My mom and dad b...