Family Traditions

As I reflect back on this past holiday season, there is no question that much of what makes the holiday season special is the family traditions that go along with it. Many of these are shared across entire cultures. These traditions may include buying your tree, decorating a tree, attending festive community events, lots of cooking and baking and big family dinners. Yet everyone celebrates in different ways, and each family tradition from the kinds of desserts made to the most treasured decorations—has a special significance that sets it apart from broader cultural customs.

Part of what gives family rituals their meaning is that they remain comfortingly intimate and constant in an impersonal world and evolving lives. As you go through life, it is sometimes these traditions each and every year that bring the family together no matter what is going on. Traditions strengthen families and provide an identity to the next generation.  As our own children were growing up, they cherished the times we spent with family. It always gave them a sense of belonging and place to feel safe and it remains to this day.

Let’s do our best to keep family traditions alive.

Cheers to you & your family