About Us

Meet The Owners

Rob and Lisa have been married for 28 years and have 2 adult boys Sebastian and Gianni. Over the years they have traveled once or twice annually to Italy and spent  time in their family home in Rob’s ancestral town of Soveria Mannelli, in the region of Calabria. During these times they have fallen in love with the culture and lifestyle as well as the old-world values and generosity of the people. They consider themselves blessed and draw great inspiration from being able to partner with a company in this town. 

Prior to founding Positional US, the majority of Rob’s career was in the life  insurance industry with American Income Life. His leadership and influence  helped shape the company and continues to do so based on the leaders he helped develop during his tenure. It is also here in 1990 that Rob met Lisa Ransom, who 3  years later would become his wife. Lisa was always in the top 10% of sales people during her career at AIL. In 1996, Lisa and Rob started their family. She feels very privileged to have had the opportunity to shift gears and become a stay-at-home mom where she took extraordinary pride in this role. 

Positional US is being built to honor Rob’s parents and other relatives who came to  the US from Italy and endured hardships, discrimination and made many sacrifices  so that their children could live the “American Dream. Our desire is to supply retailers, corporations, museum stores and individual consumers, products that are not only useful and beautiful but also sustainable.