Your 2023 Vision

I hope this message finds you and yours happy and healthy. 

A philosopher once wrote that the greatest force for the advancement of the human species is “a great hope held in common.” He went on to say that “everybody knows, without troubling to weigh the reason or importance of a fact seemingly so commonplace, that nothing is more impossible than to inhibit the growth of an idea”

The right vision for the future of your business is such an idea. It moves people to action, and because of their action, the business evolves and makes progress. Since your business must move forward, or like a bike, it will fall over, the role of vision in driving the organization forward is indispensable.

The vision’s power lies in its ability to grab the attention of those in your upline, downline AND crossline and to focus that attention on a common dream-a sense of direction that both makes sense and provides direction.

Selecting and articulating the right vision, this powerful idea, is the toughest task and the truest test of great leadership. When this is achieved, the business is already well on its way to the realization of the dream.

To understand why, consider the forces that are unleashed: 

  • The right vision attracts commitment and energizes people.
  • The right vision creates meaning in peoples’ lives
  • The right vision establishes a standard of excellence.
  • The right vision bridges the present and the future.

I would like to encourage you to have a strong, clear vision for your business and your life in 2023

Let your dreams take flight in 2023!