The Final Month of the Year

As we end 2022 and begin 2023...

Have you ever noticed that looking at your calendar and planning your days becomes an obsession for this last month of the year? I find myself looking at dates more than any other time of year. Questioning my weekends, my social life, shopping, the holiday dinners, my diet, and the list goes on. Crazy how we prep and plan for each day and night to get the most out of the year. I often think, why don’t we do this more throughout the year. Maybe not the overindulgence of eating, drinking, & shopping LOL, but the planning! Don’t get me wrong, those are fun and festive activities.

Look at 2023 as a real opportunity to grow in some way. If you could plan differently in 2023, what would you do? What can you put in your calendar consistently to make a real difference? I am going to take some time this month to really think about what I can commit to doing regularly. Last year, I started daily affirmations pertaining to 6 different categories.  Physical, Spiritual, Financial, Social, Business, and Personal. My husband and I created the Financial, Business, and Social together. We physically write these down and keep in a small notebook by our daily readings. We believe that creating this daily habit has helped us both. Think about what is important to you and plan your days and months to enjoy throughout the year. Not just in December.

Happy Holidays to all and Cheers to an amazing 2023!