All of us in leadership have made an emotional commitment to the importance of what we are doing and to the people with whom we are doing it with and for. Our job is to get others to do the same. There are basically 5 different reasons why nothing great was ever accomplished without an emotional commitment:

  1. Great success is never attained in this life without surmounting obstacles.
  2. Without the motivation that comes with commitment and enthusiasm, we'll never dig deep enough to discover and develop all the talents we have that can lead us to the greatest accomplishments of which we are capable.
  3. Great success requires great risk. It doesn't come cheap. Sometimes financial. Often social. Once in a while, physical. Always emotional. We need to be willing to try things we have never tried before. We can't always play it safe if we want to play to win in life.
  4. Without an emotional commitment, we can easily be tempted to settle for nothing more than basic, minimal competence in what we do. The world unfortunately is filled with mediocrity. Don't add to it by lacking commitment. 
  5. No great success was ever attained alone. Satisfying success is always in some way a result of working with other people.

What will attract others to our companies and our visions? Simple: Energy, Enthusiasm & Passion - our emotional commitment to the importance of what we are doing; our emotional commitment to other people. People are attracted to leaders that care about them.

People help people they care about. Our commitment of emotional energy will attract and hold both the attention and assistance of the people around us who will help us attain our goals and accompany us on our journey of success.

If it’s worth doing, we can't do it alone. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth caring about. And if we care deeply enough about what we are doing, our commitment will be contagious, and we won't be doing it alone.