Food for Thought

Have you had the experience of food shopping in a small village town in Europe, specifically Italy? Living in the United States, we are all accustomed to making that grocery list every week or 2 and heading out to load up at the supermarket. My husband and I have an ongoing joint note on our phone that we add to each week, so we don't forget things. Although we love to cook, this is a chore that is not always exciting. The produce and meats are not always fresh and tend to be raising in price as well. Luckily, you can find better options now even in the US, but requires time based on the locations of the food stands and markets.

We often wish we could shop like we do when we are in Italy. It is so nice to take a walk to the baker for the bread. Oh, that smell when you walk in. The butcher always has fresh meats and carves them exactly to your liking. The produce is in abundance from the local farmer and sold right in the middle of the town. A few times per week a truck pulls into town with fresh fish. We buy the ingredients necessary to prepare our meal each day. If you forget an ingredient, no worries as it is most likely a very short walk away. I always admire the elderly walking the streets with their bags. It is just part of their lives that no doubt keeps them moving and breathing that fresh air on a daily basis. On a final note, something I noticed early on in my travels was the lack of waste happening in this town. It has definitely taken some getting used to on how to dispose of our garbage. We are given very small bags to dispose of leftover food scrapings. Food is NEVER thrown out. It is eaten or frozen for another day.  A lesson for sure to not take our food for granted.

If you have not had the opportunity to experience this, my wish for you is that someday you do. It is a beautiful way of living. Just some Food for thought:)