Do you have a recipe box?

Although we live in a digital age, having a recipe box continues to be timeless in our kitchens today. There is something about having those old recipes to pull out that you have written years ago as well as those that were written by friends and family. Some of these boxes contain recipes that have been passed down for generations. 

I did some research and learned that Betty Crocker was one of the first ever recipe boxes sold back in 1920.

For all the legacies that can be left behind, the most cherished may just be that famous recipe from your Aunt (Zia) or Grandmother (Nonna). 

Even if its not your favorite food, it's about the connection to the past. You remember having that special cake that only your mother knew how to make. The ingredients are all there and every time you make it, you think of that special person who used to show up to the holiday dinner with this special dish, tray of homemade cookies, or that famous cake. At Christmas time, my husband and I pull out some traditional cookie recipes that have been made for centuries. We always laugh when one of the ingredients says, a little bit of something. (No measurement included). Especially when making dough for bread or cookies. The recipe says to go by the feeling, the consistency.

So sure, you could pull out your phone and search a similar recipe of today, but the feeling, the experience, and most likely the taste would not be the same.

I think we keep these recipe boxes going. I received mine at my wedding shower over 30 years ago and continue to dig in there all throughout the year. As you can see the box is old and I have included 2 great recipes from my husbands aunt and my grandmother.