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  • The Final Month of the Year

    As we end 2022 and begin 2023... Have you ever noticed that looking at your calendar and planning your days becomes an obsession for this last mon...
  • Italian American Thanksgiving: The Best of Both Worlds!

    I grew up with Thanksgiving traditions just like every other American kid. You could also say I ate traditional meals on Thanksgiving – not sure if you noticed, but I said meals, plural.
  • Calabrian Cooking

    Growing up Calabrese, means a few things when it comes to food. The style of cooking is referred to, mainly by northerners, as “la cucina povera”, ...
  • Pencil to Paper

    Did you ever keep a diary?

    You know, the little book with the key that only you could open and read? Growing up my friends and I all had diaries. I can still remember hiding it in my bedroom. This was a tool we used as teenagers to keep private thoughts tucked away. Today, when keeping a Diary...

  • WHY it ALL Started

    Positional US is being built to honor my parents and other relatives who came to the US from Calabria, Italy and endured hardships, discrimination and made many sacrifices so that future generations of their families could live the “American Dream”.
  • Where It ALL Started -Soveria Mannelli in Calabria ITALY

    On paper, the story of Positional US started just a few years ago, in spirit, well, that is a story that started in the 1920's. My mom and dad b...